Pay with cryptocoins

First you chose what you want to buy at you2surf.
And chose for the ‘Pay with Cryptocoins’ buton like in the red circle from the example below.

Now you come to the next page at coinpayments website, where you need to check what you buy.
Be sure you are at the website and the connection is secured with https.

Now check all things like in the red circle from the example below.

If all is good, you can enter your personal information.
Only your first name, last name and email address is asked, like in the red circle from the below example. Also select the coin you want to pay with on the right of that.
In the example we are going to chose for Bitcoin (BTC). The coin of your choice will turn green. Of course you can pay with other coins of your choice here.
After that, you can click on the green ‘Complete Checkout’ button.

After this you get to the next page, where you need to send the given amount, like in the red circle, to the bitcoin address on the right of it. Like you can see in the example below.
Remember if you have chosen an other coin, you need to pay with that coin of your choice.

If you have done the payment, you just wait untill it gets at least 3 confirmations from the network. After that, your payment is done and the purchased item will go into your account at you2surf.

Welldone, now you know how to pay with Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies we support.

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